Best Space Heater Brands

Is winter season is the peak season for buying space heaters.  It is at this season that most people cannot resist the lowest temperature of the night and even at day time. Some get panic in buying.  Rushing to the market again to get the best space heater brands is much easier done than taking a long time in choosing for the best space heater brand. It is time consuming, confusing.


You don’t have to break your mind just to get the best space heater brands. By the way. Do you know the product? Do you have enough knowledge about space heater types? Challenge yourself by knowing the common types of space heaters to decide the best brand of the space heaters.


There are a lot of space heater types in the market today but there are four common types available. These are the types recommended by many of the experts and customer care advisors in any market. Perhaps, these types are been popularized by many users during the winter season. Perhaps, these are the most efficient space heaters that are in demand in the market not to mention yet the best space heater brands.


The four types include ceramic space heater, oil-filled heater, radiator heaters, and micathermic heaters. Now, see for yourselves:

Ceramic Space Heater is perfectly designed for small spaces like office, room and personal space which usually measure an area of 150 sq. ft. This is made of ceramic plates and aluminum baffles which serve as a heat-conducting tool. It has a built-in fan that oscillates the heat of the air. The sound of the fan is quite disturbing for noise-sensitive people. It has a heating range of 60 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft. When this heater is housed in a room, a number of people can be accommodated because the warmth is being distributed fairly by the fan.


– Oil-Filled radiator heater is popularly known for its energy-efficient performance the oil plays a great role in keeping the temperature consistent, and its sounds are ideal for sound sleeping.  The oil also allows the heat to stay warm in a longer period of time. It doesn’t produce any sounds at all. It’s heating range is from 40 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft.


– Micathermic space heater is most preferred by people suffering from asthma and allergy. This does not contain fan which normally stirs-up dust and other allergens. This has a heating range from 50 sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft.

Radiant Space Heater, on the one hand, is ideal for heating people and objects in a room because of its ability to provide instant focused heat from a range of 80 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. This heater, however, is not capable of heating the air in the room, henceforth, only a few people can be accommodated by the heat. Anyhow, this type is capable of heating not only people but also objects. These types are also known as infrared heaters. You can check out reviews on heater lab.

The brands of these heaters include Honeywell, Dyson, and Vornado. Quote for their prices and get the best brand ever.

Get the best quotes for their prices and that makes them best space heater brands worth buying for.

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