The Right Accessories For Your Picnic

Food basket

Everyone loves going to the picnic, right? Of course, the picnic is a beautiful experience. Nature, fresh air, good company, who wouldn’t love a nice picnic? However, it’s a challenging task going to a picnic without the proper equipment. Here’s a list of things you must have with you when you’re going to enjoy in nature.

Food basket

Food basket

What would a picnic be without a food basket? Have everything placed inside that you’re planning to eat, but don’t exaggerate by placing everything you can find. If you’re not planning to eat it, don’t take it with you. You’re going to need to take the basket with you from the car to the place you’re about to stay and you’ll surely bring a couple of other things too. You don’t have to turn the nice picnic into heavy lifting training.


Another must if you want to have a classical nice picnic. People taking blankets with them on picnics are not doing it because it is a rule. They’re doing it because the ground is cold and the blanket also prevents the wet and the cold to get to you. On top of this, it makes a nice comfortable seat unlike the grass and the ground.

Proper clothes

Always have a spare pair of clothes with you when going on a picnic. You can never know how nature will surprise you. Summers might give you an accidental rain shower and the autumn breeze might disappear and leave you with a sweaty shirt that needs to be changed. Of course, it’s most important to have clothes to keep you dry and warm.


This is something people usually ignore, but this is highly important for your picnic trip. Let’s say you packed a cake very carefully and it looks so delicious when you get it out of the basket, but you’ve forgotten a fork for it. You can’t eat a cake with your hands, right? Even if you can, it’s not the best experience, really. Don’t forget to take some utensils from home, or get those lovely plastic ones from the market that are made for one use.

Cooler bags

Cooler bagsHaving a food basket is one thing, but having a cooler bag on your picnic is completely other. The food basket is more like obligatory equipment if you want to call your trip a picnic. However, if you want to have a really good time, you should get one of the many cooler bags available on the market. Cooler bags are able to store drinks, water, food and everything that must not spoil before consumption. Depending on your plans, there are many types of portable cooler bags. Some are small and convenient and others are large, can store a lot of supplies, but are heavy and harder to transport. It’s up to you to choose what fits you the most.


We all have the Internet on our phones and some of the many music apps. Enjoy some fine music with your friends while you’re out there by playing the music from the phone to a couple of good speakers. A lot of good speakers can be found for a reasonable price that is able to produce some outstandingly good music. Unless you prefer silence, of course.

Bug spray

Nature is full of bugs. You can’t do anything about this except having a bug spray with you. Spray it on you and enjoy. The bugs will feel the smell of the repellent and won’t bother you. If it is summer and you also add some sunscreen to get protected from the sun, make sure you spray it after you added the sunscreen. This combination is proven to give the best results.


The image of your seating on a blanket and laughing is great, right? But enjoyment only lasts a little. After some time you’ll surely start getting bored. A good idea to be ahead of this problem is having a game with you. Chess or some other board game you and your company both like is the best option. This way you’ll spend time in nature, enjoy, and still won’t get bored right away so that you have to leave too soon.

Trash bags

Don’t forget to have trash bags too. Once you finish enjoying, there will be some garbage around you. You mustn’t leave it there. Take care of the environment. instead of just throwing it away, collect everything in the trash bags and transport it to the nearest bin or garbage container. If there isn’t any nearby, put it in your car and take it home where you surely have a trash can.