Cooking Tips with a Rice Cooker

Cooking in a rice cooker is the most basic task everyone can do in a kitchen. Making your rice perfectly, and fluffy white rice and not distinct and mushy. This is not very impossible to achieve though there are some secret that will make your cooking experience more perfectly and fluffy. Always use the right amount of water for your rice. Always make sure that you do not escape the resting step at the end of your cooking. This will able your rice to still moist and distributed to all for a more uniform texture inside your pot. In coking with your rice cooker to make sure to follow this simple step.rice cooking techniques

Rinse and soak (if needed only) for a while!

Make sure that you rinse your rice very well before starting to cook. This will make sure that you remove all the unnecessary chemical that farmer uses during the cropping. Especially when your rice is from another country who uses talc during the milling process. To get better results with your rice rice cooker reviewsdoesn’t soak it for a long time. But if you are using older rice you need to soak it for about 30 minutes, so that the grain will less brittle and not prone to breakage.Some also soak their rice before cooking enable for the rice to expand to its maximum length. After soaking make sure that you drain your rice properly to avoid using more water in cooking than your usual water use.  If you don’t have a rice cooker yet, check Cookermag recommendations.

Equal Rice and Water!

Make sure that you equal your water to the cup of rice you are about to cook, example if you are cooking 2 cups of rice make sure that you also put 2 cups of water or you can find the equal water level of your cup of rice inside or outside of your rice cooker. If you are using a bit of dry rice you need to add a little bit of water to your rice. Always keep in mind that there are lots of type of rice in the market so make sure that before putting it into the pot, you already know if it is a dry rice or not. Read more about this method.

Do not rinse basmati and jasmine rice!

I know that I already said to rice or soak your rice before cooking it, but there is always an exception to the rule. Jasmine rice is also known as the fragrant rice this kind of rice contains a subtle flavor that cannot be washed away so that the flavor will stay longer until the rice is cooked. There is rice cookeralso a disadvantage in not rinsing your Jasmin rice it can definitely affect the texture of your cooked rice. So as the basmati rice.


Let the rice absorb the moisture at the end of cooking!

After your rice cooker cook it will automatically go into warming mode with a click or some with a beep. Do not remove your pot during this stage so that all the moisture will absorb by you cooked rice and will allow the rice to cook perfectly and fluffy. Do not open the cover of your rice cooker not until it is warm enough to eat the rice. Do not leave the cover open for  a long period of time to avoid hardening of your cook rice.

Keep your rice cooker still plugged when there is still rice in it!

Even though you are cooking your rice, just keep the rice cooker plugged in. Rice cooker was designed to make the rice moist to make the environment of the rice still warm for a perfectly cooked and even very tasty rice even if it is already finished cooking.rice cooking

Do not use metal to serve rice!

Most of rice cookers have a non-stick pot surface, if you are using a metal utensil to serve the rice it might damage your non-stick pot, especially if you are using a metal spoon, fork and etc. Always use plastic when serving the rice. Also, do not use a steel wool in cleaning your rice cooker it will also damage your non stick pot. Click to read more cooking tips!

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