Are You About to Renovate Your Bathroom?

 Renovate BathroomThere are many reasons we might want to renovate our bathrooms, but often, it is to improve the look and feel. This is the room of comfort, where we want to be able to go to have a relaxing, private space for our ablutions and other personal care and hygiene needs. There are a lot of different ways that you can improve the comfort and luxury of your bathroom, some that you might not have otherwise considered.

Most often, the focal point of a bathroom renovation is the vanity/sink space and/or the bathtub/shower. With a vanity, we may add a double sink so as to accommodate more than one user at a time or create additional space on the vanity for beauty care products or decorative trinkets. Lighting is another key element of the vanity and sink space. This is often where we get ready and having good lighting helps to ensure that we look our best.


Renovate Your Bathroom with lightingMany are surprised at what a difference improved lighting can make. Not only does it give you better ability to see what you look like, but it can also improve the mood and atmosphere of the room. Many people swear by improved lighting as a way to open up space and make it appear bigger without actually adding square footage to space.

When it comes to the bathtub and shower, there are tons of different options that range in cost. You can get a standard shower or traditional bathtub for very little money or you can get a spa-quality jacuzzi style bathtub that costs quite a bit more but offers a lot of added luxury and comfort. Which works best for you will be dependent on your budget, as well as space constraints and desires. Some people want a shower with two shower heads or a seat in it for comfort when shaving. Others are looking for something akin to a spa experience at home and prefer a higher end model.

bathtubSome people have a bathtub and shower combination, which is great for all purpose use but lacks some of the frills you can get with a dedicated bathtub or shower unit. Some will prefer to have both, but in separate units in the same bathroom. There are tons of ways that you can improve your shower experience and if you have a decent amount of space to work with, you can have a variety of options.

One element of the bathroom that many of us don’t think to improve upon is the toilet. Toilets are not sexy or status symbols, but if you are in the process of renovating, there are high end, luxurious toilets that are designed for those with discerning tastes. These are often called intelligent or smart toilets and they come in a host of types with tons of features. From warm water bidet style water streams to warmed toilets seats, intelligent toilets can do it all. You can get a tankless toilet that makes a dramatic visual statement or one that knows when you are finished and flushes the bowl automatically.

When it comes to bathroom renovation, make sure that you update and improve upon all aspects of the room. The obvious places to start are the bathtub and shower, as well as the sink and vanity area where we do most of our getting ready. However, this leaves out another important element and that is the toilet. There are high end toilets that offer enhanced cleanliness and luxury for those who have more exacting tastes. There are tons of different models with a range of high end functionality that can make even this bathroom activity feel luxurious. If you don’t have much space in your bathroom, you may want to check this guide about toilets for small bathrooms.

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