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The simple depilation with sugar is an ancient new method that is still trusted and used from many women around the world. It is known as the Arabic wax because it was originally invented by the ancient Egyptians to enable the queens to get rid of the unwanted hair. Women prefer this natural way for it removes hair from its roots and gives the skin purity and freshness especially for face skin. Moreover, experts recommend it for face and in particularly for women who suffer from the black and white heads. Our moms used to make this simple remedy at home that containsfrom sugar and lemon. However, over time; women have invented many methods and home recopies to get rid of the unwanted hair for instance the honey and the lemon mixture, egg and corn flour mixture and the white paper and potato mixture. You could choose the way that you feel it is effective and provides you the best results and follow it. Our only target here is to get a hair-free skin, so be free to choose. 



If you do not prefer the Arabic way of hair removing –Waxing- nor the Western way – shaving- epilators give you a second choice to get rid of the unwanted hair quickly and clearly. Epilators contain tiny metallic tweezers that remove hairs from their roots. One pass of the epilators on your arm or leg would remove a bunch unwanted hair removalof hairs from their roots. However, you have to make sure that you have chosen a good epilator that goes with your skin sensitivity and your hair density in order not to face a sever skin irritations. Good epilators give you smooth and clear skin for at least 2 weeks without any red spots or allergy. In order to find the good epilator, check SmoothSkinLab editors’ epilator reviews.

You are greatly recommended to use Broun Silk-Epil 7681 Wet and Dry for its relaxing beats that is resulted from the perfect massaging rolls. In addition, your husband would use it with you in a way that saves your money from having another man-shaving machine. Besides, it is easy to clean for it can be washed despite the battery it contains. From now, you don’t have to worry about electricity; this epilator will help you remove the unwanted hair anytime or anywhere.

Laser Technology

Laser technology has become the best and quickest method for getting effective results of getting rid of the unwanted hair. Laser has begun as a technology applied just at the dermatologist`s clinic due to the huge expensive equipment and devices that needed an expert to deal with. However, things have been changed nowadays; the woman could purchase her own device that fit her skin type and hair color. Laser technology enables you to Laser Technologyget rid of the unwanted hair effectively as if you have been to a special clinic, but in a way saves money, time and efforts. See Elle Editor reviews.

The laser devices differ in terms of their intended area of use, i.e. face, legs, underarms or arms. Therefore, when buying the device, the woman has to distinguish among those devices: the ONLY face devices and the BOTH face and body devices. 

Before determining the type of the laser hair removal (LHR), you should consider your hair color you intend to remove. It is worth mentioning that the laser devices work perfectly with the black or the light brown hair, but less successful with the red or the blonde hair and most ineffective with the white hair.

On the other hand, the skin color affect the success of the treatment, i.e. the laser hair removal (LHR) goes safely with your skin, but if your hair tends to be darker, the (LHR) is not safe for your skin and you have to consider your doctor opinion about applying the (LHR) system.

DON’T`s before laser treatment!

Don’t wax or epilate in order to have the laser ray work perfectly because of this
the system works mainly with the root of the hair, so you can shave but can’t wax. I think the main reason behind the failure of most of the laser removal processes at the clinics was the embarrassment women used to feel – to go to the removal session with this unwanted hair, so they tend to wax it before going to the session. On the other hand, women are now aware of the instructions of using the (LHR) devices. In addition, say bye for embarrassment because of the security these devices gift you by having your own and holding your sessions at home by yourself.laser treatment

Don’t use the laser treatment with the darker spots even if it is a tattoo because such areas tend to be more sensitive than the others are. However, you can make a caution test before removing the hair of these spots by passing the ray for a little time of these areas.

Don’t compare yourself with others; the results of yours might be completely different from your sister`s results. The reason behind that is the different colors and thickness of your both intended to be removed hair. The more your hair is thick the best results you will witness.

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